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$1,000 Service Guarantee
LiveWell covers loss resulting from the work, to the extent that it is incomplete, not in compliance with the terms of any binding contract, or not within normal standards of workmanship. This coverage is limited to the amount of the actual financial cost to correct the work, but will in no event exceed $1,000.00 per covered project.

Terms & Conditions

All claims must be made within 30 days after the job is completed. All contracts, LiveWell job referral codes, and receipts must be provided upon request for each specific project. For coverage under this Service Guarantee, you must be an active LiveWell member at the time the tradesperson is referred, the work is performed, and the Service Guarantee claim is made. When making a claim under this Service Guarantee, you must provide a professional estimate of the cost to repair the work for each specific project. This coverage is voided under any of the following circumstances: (1) during the course of the job, a tradesperson or contractor outside the LiveWell Contractor Solutions Center is used to perform part of the job; (2) materials not supplied by the LiveWell tradesperson are used in the job; (3) the work involves carpet cleaning and/or maid service. LiveWell Contractor Solutions is provided by ServieMagic, Inc. ServiceMagic pre-screens and maintains a network of thousands of contractors to which you have access. Neither ServiceMagic nor LiveWell/Trilegiant Corporation are responsible or liable for the services or actions of such contractors.